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TERMS AND CONDITIONS by receiving a password from us and logging onto the hunt+gather studio site to view our patterns, you are agreeing to the following: our designs are being shown to you in confidence and for use by yourself or your design team only. Designs should not be shown, passed or copied to a third party without prior consent from us. The designs on the site, both in the "shop", "about" page "news" page on our "home" page, etc are the copyright of hunt+gather studio and may not be copied, saved or reproduced without the express permission of hunt+gather studio until payment has been made. Once a design is sold it will be removed from our site and is yours exclusively. Until a design is purchased it is liable to be sold to another company at any time. Our designs, or any part of our designs, may not be used until purchase has been made. Until a design has been purchased, the designs may not be downloaded, copied in any way or manipulated. Thank you!


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